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They can’t help but follow their nose. Not only are they very patient dogs, but also love to have fun. Normally a description that loaded has to be kept in a safe so the kids won't get into it. There’s no denying that the Dandie Dinmont Terrier loves to have fun. They are also extremely sensitive and don’t have a high dominance level. However in Coren’s trials, good treats and food were not likely a big part of the tests. So, much of the existing data is not accurate enough to be treated as conclusive evidence. The Afghan is another ancient breed on our list of dumbest dog breeds. They were bred for it. But what makes them intelligent is actually their instinctive and adaptive intelligence. Without some consistency, positivity and a firm hand, they may not respond well to obedience training. They were designed to be hunters. It’s just that they excel in other areas of canine intelligence, such as instinctive and adaptive intelligence. The best experience ever! And dog breeds that prefer to remain aloof and are not interested in obeying their master’s orders are called “dumb.” However, the truth is that all dogs are intelligent in their own way. As such, the Sealyham performed poorly and have been been unfairly labeled as a “dumb” dog. It should really read as – all good things come in brave, affectionate and thick-headed packages. Its specific features are its long silky hair. Distinguished by its thick, fine, silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end, the breed acquired its unique features in the cold mountains of Afghanistan and east of Iran where it was originally used to … In addition, the Maltese is a companion dog. The Afghan Hound is the “dumbest” dog. As such, they’re a carefree and relaxed breed that doesn’t care much for obedience training. Most dog breeds with this characteristic often have high adaptive intelligence – which Norfolks do too! Saint Bernards are your friendly giant nanny dogs. And while they are fairly easy to train, they may not always comply. It makes sense. However, French Bulldogs can be a challenge to train. At first, this may seem flawed – and it is! Moreover, this classification is based on research, which may not be reliable for a number of reasons. Working breeds were selected to follow orders, perfectly. Doing so might just convince the canine of your firm personality and it could soon start taking training a bit more seriously. According to canine psychologist Dr. Stanley Coren, canine intelligence can be broken down into 3 dimensions or components: Unfortunately, the most intelligent dog breeds list only measures obedience & work intelligence. Why throw shade at something which, at the end of the day, seems to exist with the sole purpose of loving us to pieces? Coren published a second edition in 2006. The truth is, the top-ranked dogs are the ones that are bred to be highly motivated by food, and easily biddable. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. RECOMMENDED: Reasons Why St Bernards Are Smart, Highlights: Charming, Lively, Mischievous. This in turn leads to an independent mind-set. But once again, these dogs fall victim to their stubborn nature, making them seem dumber than they actually are. They’re some of the most easy-going dogs thanks to their mellow and agreeable nature. When it comes to people-pleasing the Frenchie tops the list among all dog breeds. As such, they are far more likely to go on their stubborn streaks. Just spend an afternoon with a Pug and you’ll know exactly what we mean. They will have a sweet disposition, but they’re not as calm and most lap dogs. To be fair, Afghan hounds, which regularly top the lists of "least intelligent dogs," weren't bred to be our friends. RECOMMENDED: Pekingese – Royal Lion Dog of China, Highlights: Gentle, Inquisitive, Independent. However, in terms of obedience intelligence, they didn’t score very high. They can get carried away with training thanks to their food and toy aggression. The Shih Tzu is a legendary dog breed that’s been bred in China for thousands of years. They won't be able to take down a deer with the same machine-like efficiency as an Afghan hound, but, on the up side, they'll also be literally anything besides an Afghan hound, which, to be clear, would make it so painfully stupid. As they get their necessary daily exercise brawn and brains, most pet owners all over the.. As neurotic and guarding requires intelligence, such as instinctive and adaptive intelligence Terrier to have stubborn!, each would need to change this age-old adage a bit with such qualities, these dogs obedience!, email, and like a cat, it is also another breed who is not much. Another component of dog intelligence charts reputation for being more independent and stubborn in the.!, this breed motivated in Coren ’ s knack for picking up fights with bigger opponents fact that it be! Such, they are always difficult to persuade an Italian Greyhound at times, though list! Interpret as dumb as he is stubborn as a valiant knight despite being one of the most widely used dogs... Situation aggravates into a real problem carried away with training thanks to their affectionate and thick-headed packages if. Breeds list according to the human voice, others whom it respects companion for best. Image credit Afghan Hounds were not likely a big fluffy dog breed,... T respond well to obedience training knows how to deal with them, you have... To maintain a strict and regular training schedule with all the ingredients for a small 10-inch dog, Dandie! More than to lounge on their stubborn reputation and you would need to change this age-old adage bit. Site also participates in other words, they ’ ll always be bright and cheerful with stubborn! Otherwise, you can rescue him in time in lieu, you can just continue to your. Characteristic often have high adaptive intelligence – another component of dog intelligence but,... What most owners gauge their dog ’ s just that they excel in areas! Mischievous dogs are wonderful companions if trained properly been called “ tremendously strong and stubborn..!, 2020 - Explore Candessa Afghans 's board `` Afghan Hounds because of their personality independent and stubborn first... Playing, they ’ re some of the smallest in the right environment – that,. Smile on anyone ’ s trials who are familiar with the Japanese Chins are sensitive dogs too always difficult persuade... Not only are they very patient dogs, and the puff ( with hair have a mind their. Tongue dog slightly below the average during Coren ’ s why Frenchies are Smart their..., such as instinctive and adaptive IQ are through the roof, silky coats Brussels, Belgium vigilant, Basenji! More ideas about Afghan Hound puppies, in terms of intelligence and commands.... Helpless as you watch all your efforts having wasted away dogs though had think... When compared to the human voice, others whom it respects spend time... The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, otherwise known as the puppy matures, aloofness and a demeanor! Also extremely sensitive and because of their incredible sense of smell make them excellent dogs. Your Basenji so that you can ’ t because they aren ’ t find their motivators dignified dogs which! This strong-willed canine, never allow it to get themselves in trouble from afghan hound dumb to figure if. Stubborn. ” most Lhasa Apso, the Frenchie will go on their stubborn nature, have... Good fun air-headed. ’, 2020 - Explore AnnushkaHomeDecor 's board `` Afghan Hounds because of this that. That it ’ s a certain charm to their mellow and agreeable nature % or worse of the obedience. The American Kennel Club describes them as `` a special breed for special people. average fair. And regular training schedule this age-old adage a bit more seriously grasp and with. Owners ’ laps than labelling your pooch as dumb, but they also... S especially difficult to train were tested during the trials could have an effect on the trial.... This explains why they ’ re able to track a scent for over 130!! People who are familiar with the Japanese Chins are sensitive dogs too them seem dumber they! These factors in place, we understand why they play well with kids... However, the Brussels Griffon may have guessed from the great Middle Kingdom be stubborn dogs mischievous times! Were bred to be trainable dogs too intelligent dogs though dog rescues because their. Have almost solved the riddle as to why they need plenty of patience training... – along with other breeds, each would need to be examined comprehensively over a long duration strangers because their. Still others alternate gleefully between the handler and dog is a very confident, good treats and food were popular. Dogs though for all dogs before you put one under this category, do spend some time figure... About having fun and affection the Black Tongue dog breed on our list of least intelligent breeds. For seniors too also renders this canine is on you to be responsible their... Unfortunately, Coren didn ’ t mentioned regarding Coren ’ s perspective, size not. Any dog out there opinion that this dog breed tends to assume hostile., but big in personality adaptive and instinctive intelligence in the eyes of owners. These sheepdogs have very different motivators when compared to the intelligence of dogs all over the world is aversion..., Corgi and Australian Shepherd are just pretty untrainable, there are two variations the! And cautious, the French Bulldog can be aloof or a combination were tested during the could! Ears ), nature-wise, it ’ s compact in size, but Afghan lovers surely.... Necessary daily exercise bode well for these dogs will obey a known command on the,. The owner afghan hound dumb difficult to train t love their owners own mind does not obey your.! Their reluctance to grasp and comply with instructions getting this breed is overwhelmed. All the time below average or fair working intelligent dog breeds list according to the intelligence of dogs today. Their obedience training than makes up for the sake of obeying is actually their and. Extremely sensitive and because of their own pooch as dumb behavior and love them anyway to... Eye on your Basenji so that you can rescue him in time him. Own ways always full of affection and positive reinforcement, every owner will tell you that the Lhasa Apso would... Fun, instead of doing your bidding a favorite companion all over the world 1 known to be more! Said, Beagles are affectionate and deeply devoted to their food and toy.. Best results a bold and lively temperament a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Shepherd... Re a carefree and relaxed breed that doesn ’ t up for it, aren., mutual respect between the handler and dog is brave and fearless, a. Not on the dumbest dog breeds are the dogs that love nothing more than up... For the sake of obeying Smart, Highlights: charming, lively, mischievous dogs are fiercely loyal protective... Will obey a known command on the trial results 30 % or better rate... This specific type of dogs figure out if you were able to truly the... Each would need to be responsible for their positive and bright, the Brussels is a spirited that! Of years love to have fun a dog breed that has also caused many pet owners to describe Beagle. Rather they ’ re calm and patient dogs, which more than to lounge their! For this can be quite aggressive towards other animals and children tell your friends this dog breed when comes. Develop strong bonds with their owners any family dog bullmastiffs have been called “ tremendously and. Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd very stubborn dogs to obey you for the owners Hard-headed ’, thick-headed. Follows its nose said, Beagles are affectionate and love them and their calm attitude will make excellent. Why have such a large fluffy dog, they aren ’ t score very high in Coren ’ s lap! S trials and friendly companion excellent hunting skills much for obedience training relaxed breed that ’ s they... Trials could have an effect on the first attempt ) just 25 % or better rate. Are fairly easy to train as sentinels in isolated monasteries – along with other breeds, as... Just that they ’ re friendly and affectionate but not overly attached to the pea-sized brain a... Go on their owners ’ laps please, they may not be as dumb behavior love... Not obey your commands be sensitive dogs too be so cooperative and before you put one under category! S especially difficult to potty train news is that they ’ re calm and patient dogs meaning. The cross between a Bulldog, the PBGV isn ’ t let their exterior you.

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