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Check pro availability and book appointments right in the app. The cost of labor is much less to install a gas insert than to install an entire gas-burning fireplace, Spoden says. At Dependable Service, we have the expert gas log installation service you need along with attentive customer service. A vent-free (also called a ventless application) gas-burning fireplace typically has a lower cost because there's no vent pipe involved, says Hemmelgarn of My Hoosier Hearth. Regency Horizon® HZ40E Gas Fireplace Owners & Installation Manual MODELS: HZ40E-NG11 Natural Gas Chimney and fireplace installation specialists can modernize an existing fireplace with a new gas-burning unit or install one in a new home or during a remodel. It’s cheaper to install a ventless gas fireplace. Guaranteed Installation. Fireplace installation costs between $100 and $5,600 depending on the type. Gas fireplace service and installation in Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Woodstock, Marietta, Cumming, Smyra, and Tucker. Love your new gas fireplace or get a refund! These grates are designed to enable the easy conversion of an existing steel or brick fireplace into a flue-less gas fire. Fireplace Installation Cost. Gas Fireplace Installation. Traditional gas fireplaces are customizable and have a timeless and high-quality design, built to last in your home. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Yes, you can install a fireplace without a chimney. The average cost to install a fireplace in your home is roughly $400, though some professionals charge as much as $1,500 for fireplace and chimney installation. Venting a fireplace is especially complicated in retrofit installations, where it can be … Applying pipe thread sealant around the gas line connection on the burner. But, ideally this stage comes after the fireplace and any venting goes into place. Gas Logs; If you have existing wood-burning fireplaces, converting it to gas is quite easy. If gas fireplace inserts sound like the home-heating solution for you, give our friendly staff a call! Some of the fireplace makes and models we service or install are: R.H Peterson , Archguard , Majestic , Monessen , Napoleon, Heat and Glo, Heatilator, Regency, Novus, Valor, Golden Blount, Rasmussen, Vermont Castings, Mendota, Peterson, Travis Industries, etc. 16 Pt Inspection + Cleaning. Gas Fireplace Insert Installation. The average cost for clients of My Hoosier Hearth for a vent-free box, logs, cabinet and installation can cost $2,000–$4,000. Regular and inspections will help protect you from paying the cost to repair your fireplace. Steps: 1. Our company will assist in the delivery, installation, & gas hook up for all gas fireplaces, gas inserts and gas logs purchased. Learn More. After compiling and organizing the data, we report it back to you. With the Fireplace Experts, you can be sure that regular maintenance and service will keep your gas fireplace in great shape. Gas fireplaces, such as prefabricated models, range from $1,000 to $8,000. According to Home Advisor, the average cost to install a gas fireplace is US$1,951, with most homeowners spending between US$838 to US$3,102. Attach short section of stovepipe to exhaust port on rear of fireplace… Automatic Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is happy to be a provider of top-tier gas fireplace services. Service & Repairs. It typically costs between $3,500 to $7,500 to install a direct vent gas fireplace. 100% Guaranteed Installation From the Fireplace Experts. If this stage comes after the appliance is in place, it means that the installer will not need estimates for gas or … One downside: Heat can get out through the vent which lowers efficiency. You’ll pay about $4,500 to install a gas fireplace, or between $2,300 and $10,000. Since 1943, it's been Automatic in Memphis! will impact your cost. Here’s a good rule of thumb: You need one gallon of propane to run 100,000 BTUs. Gas fireplaces are designed for energy savings on heating, ambiance, and affordability. Fireplaces (wood and gas): Under the smoke shield or on the side firebox column in the control compartment. Attach the gas supply line to … Find the best Gas Log Installation near you on Yelp - see all Gas Log Installation open now. Then it goes out through the same ventilation system. If you were using the fireplace for a wood burning application, you must first install a gas line before you can install gas logs. The cost to install a gas fireplace is $2,300 to $4,000, a traditional wood-burning fireplace runs $1,900 to $3,300, and an electric fireplace costs $100 to $2,200. GFS Offers Service & Repairs on all Manufacturers of Gas Logs, Gas Fireplaces, & Gas Stoves. How long you can run your gas fireplace depends on the type. Professional installation and finishing adds $800 to $2,800, or about $2,100 on average, bringing your overall cost to install a fireplace at $1,900 to $5,600.These prices are before any veneer, hearth, or mantel is added. Ventless fireplaces don’t need a chimney, but you can’t run them for as long as a wood-burning fireplace. That’s in addition to the regular cost of installation. The price variance depends greatly on how much gas line needs to be installed as well as the customer’s appliance (fireplace) choice. Gas fireplaces can release material that builds up in vents and chimneys. This depends because the price of propane varies. Gas Fireplace Maintenance . Contact us today to get a free gas fireplace installation estimate. With proven experience in gas fireplace installation and conversion, qualified Lindemann Heating & Cooling Professionals are ready to help make your home more energy efficient with a clean, controllable gas fireplace. The cost to remove a fireplace or chimney ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. Prepare installation site by building wall recess to accept fireplace. Gas Fireplace Installation. The cost to install a direct-vent gas fireplace ranges from $3,500 to $7,500, depending on the options included, the specific brand and type of appliance and venting needs. gas fireplace inserts Perhaps the least efficient, most energy-wasteful way to heat a room is with an open fireplace, because so much warmth goes up the chimney. Let Us Handle It For You. We pair with contractors who specialize in gas fireplace services, as well as other projects, no matter the size or … A fireplace insert installer near you can discuss pros and cons, preferences and answer any questions you might have. 6. Gas Fireplace Installation. Homeowners visit to find a top-rated pro to complete their home improvement project or repair. The type of fireplace you want (gas-burning, wood-burning, electric, etc.) The units are usually more expensive, but installation costs less. Get a Free Gas Fireplace Installation, Repair or Cleaning Estimate You can count on us to make sure your gas fireplace job is taken care by the best local contractors and professionals. Gas Fireplace Cost by Type . With any fireplace installation, a major issue is venting the exhaust gases, whether it is simple smoke from a wood-burning fireplace, or the exhaust fumes produces when you burn gas. Double Sided Gas Fireplace Installation. Within one … If you have a propane fireplace that’s rated 100,000 BTU, you’ll need one gallon of propane per hour to run your fireplace. Call today for gas fireplace installation. Whether you need to install a gas insert fireplace where you previously had a wood-burning fireplace, or you want a simple gas log insert, we are the team you can rely on to get the job done. Your fireplace installer or a gas line plumber near you can get a gas work permit for you if your city requires it. GFS Offers Service & Repairs on all Manufacturers of Gas Logs, Gas Fireplaces, & Gas Stoves. Gas Fireplace Installation Everett. Gas fireplace installation is not a difficult task, but some things should be kept in mind in order for the process to go smoothly. Though it’s less of a necessity than it once was, homeowners and real estate agents still want fireplaces. Gas Fireplaces & Gas Fireplace Installation in Atlanta Georgia. The fireplace should enhance the design and character of the room but it should also be placed where installation of a gas line, an electrical circuit, and an exhaust pipe will be most convenient if at all possible. Custom Installation. A gas fireplace inserts costs about $2,000. By the end of this brief article, you will be armed with the information and resources necessary to install a fireplace safely and economically. It will be worth the expense, however, because having a fireplace to heat your home can save you over 25% on your energy bills. Takes in air from outside and then expels bad air back outside through a dual vent system. Gel-powered ventless fireplaces, which don’t require gas or help from pros, cost between $300 and $700. A T-connection will split the gas from the main line and bring it directly to the fireplace, which costs around $150 to $300. Not sure about the differences between the two types of gas fireplaces? Generally, you’ll pay between $2 and $2.75 per gallon of propane. The Best Selection in London Ontario. In this video, This Old House host Kevin O'Connor explains how to install a gas fireplace. Furthermore, the installation process is only as good as the product and the team that handles the job. They are, however, more expensive than vent-free fireplaces because of the added material and labor cost of venting them.

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